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In the days since Easter, it is as if the physical environment at Varroville is testifying to the Resurrection of our Lord. The almost luminous green of the grass and bush is bursting with new life following the abundant rainfall over the past weeks, and with the warm and sunny days God has blessed us with, the grounds of the College, simply look breathtaking. Sydney FC soccer star, and one of Australia’s favourite Serbian sons, Milos Ninkovic, came to have a look around a few days ago. “ I feel like I am in Serbia up here,” he said. Rather than paraphrasing what he had to say about what is happening up there, take a look at the attached clip. We had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours walking and talking with Milos as he explored the grounds. With his lungs full of fresh air on that beautiful sunny day he said, “Maybe I should think about moving into this area with my family.”



Friday the 8th of May, marked the 40th day since the premature falling asleep in the Lord, of Bishop Milutin of Valjevo in Serbia. The Sydney clergy gathered around Bishop Milutin’s spiritual son, our own Bishop Siluan, who led us in prayer for the repose of the man who was once the ruling bishop of the Serbian Church in Australia in the early 2000’s. It was with his blessing that land was purchased in Varroville in the south-west of Sydney for the building of St.Sava College. At the invitation of His Grace Bishop Milutin, Patriarch Pavle made his one and only visit to Australia in 2004, for the primary purpose of consecrating the land on which the College is being built. Many will remember the day that many thousands of our faithful gathered around Bishop Milutin and Patriarch Pavle, and prayed that the Lord would bless the good intentions of us all, to build a school dedicated to our Heavenly Intercessor and the patron saint of Serbian children – St.Sava. It is with that blessing, that we approach completion of the building project and the opening of our school in 2021. May the Lord give rest to the soul of Bishop Milutin, and let us remember the dedication and resolve of our then young bishop, and his pivotal role in bringing St.Sava College into being.
Memory Eternal – Vjecnaja Pamjat!