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St Sava College presents itself as a new focus for our Church and community in 21st century Australia.

When we stop to ponder the enormous sacrifices our predecessors made towards the establishment and development of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Australia, we are personally humbled, yet, as a community exalted by their exemplary selfless conviction to their faith, their people and this great country. In this rapidly ever changing world, their unwavering commitment to Christian values will serve as an example for us, more so as we move forward to the realization of the God-given task of providing an educational institution for forthcoming generations.

We move forward rejoicing in the opportunity of fulfilling His will, and “letting the children come to Him.” The motto of St Sava College is – THE PATH TO LIFE. Let us walk together with our children along that path to Him who is the LIFE.

The presence of scores of Serbian children at Greek and other private schools throughout Sydney underscores the pressing need for quality Christian based education in all areas of academic pursuit sport and the arts. St Sava College will constitute our unique contribution to the mosaic of educational choices available in Sydney. A choice available to our own children and their families as well as to others who share the mission and values of this, our first day school in Australia.