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St.Sava College is opening next year, with Kindergarten Grade 1 and Grade 2. Applications for enrolment for next year and for 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025 must be completed online. If you have any questions regarding enrolment before completing your online application, please call Fr. Rade Radan on 0407119878, or send an email to

As stated in earlier communications, St.Sava College has been formally registered as a School by the NSW Department of Education and our Certificate of Registration proudly accompanies this welcome news.

Applications should be completed promptly, allowing ample time to organise a range of services, including before and after school care as well as transport to and from school for parents requiring it. For those parents planing to enrol their new-borns between 2022 and 2025, it is recommended they complete a non-binding Enrolment Application now, since it will greatly assist us in planning and preparation for the coming period.

Advertising has begun for the position of school principal. Interviews will be conducted at the commencement of September and it is anticipated that the successful candidate will commence employment by mid October 2020. This will enable the principal to prepare for opening of the college on Saint Sava’s Day on the 27th January 2021.

Internal building works are proceeding well. Internal painting is nearly complete. Tiling has commenced with completion expected by the end of September. Carpet and vinyl flooring should be completed by the end of September 2020. Sandstone cladding of the tower is proceeding well. All other internal building works excluding the chapel are scheduled for completion by the middle of November 2020.

External building works are proceeding with earthworks completed. Stormwater drainage, electrical cabling and the main entrance road and car park to the college have commenced with completion expected by the end of October 2020. Roadworks are expected to commence at the end of September with completion at the end of November.

Fundraising for our College is continuing to ensure the completion of building works and to enable the purchase of school furniture, office equipment and other relevant school resources. Volunteers are also invited to contact us at any time.

In these difficult times for all people throughout the world, let us give thanks to God that the opening of St.Sava College will happen, by His Grace and with the selfless assistance and investment of so many donors and volounteers. Slava Bogu!