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The foundry, where many unique architectural and decorative elements are designed, cast, polished and assembled,  is truly a magical place. Inspired by the wealth of our tradition in the ecclesiastical arts, it is our intention to create unique features, such as these light fitting currently in progress. A lot of thought and planning goes into these elements. Starting with a pencil sketch for this medium sized light fitting,  the design is developed into detailed technical drawings which are then turned into carvings in wax. A mould is then made and the elements are cast in brass, bronze or any number of alloys. The pieces are then polished, sealed and  assembled. Finally electrical wiring is added and the light fitting is ready for installation. Sounds simple? It’s not. Mistakes are made, some details need to be re-considered and re-made, but it is nevertheless a thoroughly exhilarating process. Shortly we will begin production on the major chandelier which will grace the central area of the chapel. Have a look at the attached pictures to get an understanding of what this is all about.