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The current pandemic has brought chaos and stress to the world at large. As we pray for the quick recovery of all those who have fallen to the illness, and whilst we try our very hardest to keep to the rules our govermental authorities have prescribed, we continue to work diligently on completing the building and civic works at the College. We have also brought to completion, the very complex Application for Registration of St. Sava College.

The Application was completed and lodged yesterday, and the committee entrusted with executing this mammoth task, breathed an enormous sigh of relief. So, what makes up an application? There are volumes of regulations that govern the establishment and operation of schools. Numerous policy and procedure manuals needed to be authored. Each policy must meet government prescriptions, addressing eveything from building regulations (including the regulatory height of toilet paper roll holders,) to the mission of the school. The six month task was successfully completed and we now wait for the application process to take its course. A successful determination is expected in August.

The Board extends its sincerest gratitude to our primary consultants Kate Bertram, Paul Davis and David Bartlett of Resolve Consulting for their exceptional professionalism and guidance through the whole process.

Meanwhile, major civic works have begun at the College. The construction of playing fields is underway. Last week trees were felled and the topsoil removed from the vast area from the street to the building. The top soil was temporarily removed to make way for the delivery and campaction of thousands of tons of soil, which will raise the southern level of the property by some 2.5 metres. Once compacted, the top soil will be returned and the greening of the fields begins. We welcome you to come and see from the street what is happening, but insist that you do not enter the property without previously arranged and approved supervision. It is a construction zone, after all. We are indebted to David Pavlovic for his bringing this massive project to fruition.


Internally, work on the electrical installations has continued and the air conditioning units have been installed and are ready for use. Internal glass doors and windows have also been installed. Brickwork on the upper part of the tower has continued, in preparation for the application of sandstone cladding. NBN optical fibre has also been delivered to the property. Many thanks to our continuing train of volounteers for their donation in time, as well as to the employed contractors for their diligence.

Of special note is the flooring being installed in the Chapel and entry to the building. Savo Djurdjevic of Three Fingers Flooring in Adelaide was awarded the contract for the laying of some 350 square metres of European Oak parquettry across the area. It is a job that requires meticulous precision, and Savo, assisted by local volounteers Dragan Stegnjajic and Nikola Dinic, is turning the barren concrete floor into a warm and welcoming interior.

Teams of various volounteers have been working diligently in a range of very active sub-committes over the past 12 months or so. If you would like to offer your talents in any of the fields relating to the College project, you will be welcomed with open arms. Please call Fr Rade Radan 0407119878