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The sight of our first student cohort running around, laughing and playing in the company of newly  found friends only minutes after the conclusion of formalities on opening day, put smiles on every onlooking face. Children, completely at home, innocent, loved and secure. In a sense, it was an image of fulfilment even before embarking on their “Path to Life”. In a way it is like reading the Old Testament only after you have read the New Testament, after you have touched Christ. One onlooking parent remarked quietly,”Let’s pray their innocence is preserved for as long as possible at this school!’ Indeed, let us pray, fervently! And let us do everything we can as parents, educators and friends to help our children grow in wisdom, to take on responsibility, to overcome adversity but to always maintain their innocence, their purity of heart and mind.

St Sava’s Day, Wednesday the 27th of January 2021, will go down in the history of the Serbian Orthodox Church and community, as a pivotal moment in its history. Due to strict Covid restrictions, only a humble group of students, their parents, staff, College Board members, great benefactors and a delegation of VIP’s and representatives of local, state and federal government, were able to gather at the opening of St Sava College.

The Premier of NSW, the Honourable Gladys Berejiklian graced us with her presence, delivering a heartfelt message of support before cutting the ribbon and entering the building. Led by His Grace Bishop Siluan, the Premier, Mr Phillip Ruddock, Geoff Newcome (CEO of the Association of Independent Schools of NSW) and other distinguished guests toured the classrooms, chapel and other areas of the building, before joining parents and students for refreshments outside.

The vitality and sincerity of the Premier, the fidelity of Phillip Ruddock, the assurance of Geoff Newcombe and the dedication of His Grace Bishop Siluan to his flock, left an indelible impression of confidence on all assembled. But, it was the sight of those children, playful, innocent and carefree, that gave parents, staff and bystanders, a foretaste of how life at a Christian school must and will be lived. Lord hear our prayer!

The College Opens

St. Sava College is officially open!

Posted by St Sava College on Wednesday, January 27, 2021


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