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Somebody once said that “a clean, neat desk is the sign of a very sick mind”. This may or may not be partly or entirely true, and a lively discussion on the topic could provide for a very interesting evening amongst friends. However, there can be no argument that building sites are notorious when it comes to accumulating junk and waste materials, and at some point, somebody needs to roll up their sleeves and re-establish order. Until the other day, the College building site was screaming for intervention, and the cry for help was finally heard!

An enthusiastic team of mums, dads, junior players and board members from our own Bonnyrigg White Eagles swooped into Varroville, and in the space of six hours decluttered and cleaned the entire site. It was truly amazing! Led by St. Sava College Board member Zoran “Zoki” Petkovic, Portugese, Hungarians and others, happily joined their Serb team mates in a gargantuan effort to remove all manner of accumulated junk from in and round the main building and the nearby storage shed. The young and the not so young, began by filling several enormous garbage skips with refuse, after which the ever vigilant mums carefully vacuumed and wiped down the entire building internally. It was like one of those Spray ’n Wipe ads on TV, except that this was real rubbish and real filth, and it was not gone in a flash. It took time, dedication and effort.

What was most evident to all who witnessed this incredible show of community support, was the enthusiasm and care that this group of 35 demonstrated for our Church and community’s most important undertaking. Somebody said they saw tears in Bishop Siluan’s eyes when he saw the photos attached below. Our heartfelt gratitude and thanks to: Nikola Jugović, Zoran Petković, Slavica Petković, Siniša Kos, Svetlana Kos, Ljubiša Kos, Danijela Kos, Dragan Škorić, Branka Škorić, Miroslav Lojanica, Ištvan Juhasz, Jock Dos Santos, Paula Dos Santos, Borislav Ciganović, Manuela Ciganović, Snežana Babić, Nedeljko Vukelić, Relja Svitlica, Elvis Strbac, and Nikola Pozder.

And a huge, immeasurable thank you to the youngsters: Stevan Lojanica, Marko Lojanica, Gabriel Dos Santos, Nikola Škorić, Nemanja Škorić, Dušan Ciganović, Lazar Ciganović, Todor Ciganović, Maksim Petković, Stefan Babić, Aleksandar Bojanić, Ana Kos, Stefan Kos, Uroš Kos, Luka Kos, Lazar Kos and Kristina Kos. They are probably too young to have thought about it yet, but in the not too distant future, they will hopefully see their own children attending the school they are working to help open in 2021. GOD GRANT THEM MANY YEARS!